LightSource – Add lights to Fusion 360 to Render your beautiful part!

What is LightSource?

LightSource is a lightweight Fusion 360 Add-in that allows you to create any number of light sources to your model. Allowing you full control over how your products look after rendering.

The basic version is currently available free for anyone to download from the
Autodesk App Store!

How to install LightSource

Once you’ve downloaded it from the Autodesk App Store, run the .msi installer. Then go to the Add-ins command, click Scripts and Add-ins, select LightSource then run it, if you want LightSource to run all the time, check the Run on Startup checkbox.

Fusion 360 Add-ins Button

How to use LightSource

Once you’ve installed LightSource, open your favorite part and go to the render workspace, to launch LightSource click on this lightbulb:

command for lightsource
Click this lightbulb to start LightSource

This should launch the command window:

LightSource command window
Command window for LightSource

Vertical and Horizontal handle the Azimuth and Polar angles for the orientation of the light source, these are easily changed in the model space itself. The preview should help you a lot with where the final light source will be placed.

Light distance controls the distance from the centre of the light disc to the origin point.

Light Size controls the radius of the light disc

Bulb Type controls the power of the light, in lumens

If you’d like to request a feature, either leave a comment below, or hit the Feature Request button to ask me to develop more features!

Right now I’m considering the following:

  1. Different shaped light sources (cone, sphere etc)
  2. Different origin points (pickable on point etc)
  3. More control over light intensity
  4. More colours

If you’d like any of these features, leave a comment upvoting them!

I would also love to see the beatiful renders you’re making with LightSource, send your screenshots in to me at and I’ll put them up on my future posts!

Happy rendering!

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