Bret Victor, future of programming, and LISP

I’ve been doing a bit of reading recently, and starting with one of Bret Victor’s talks, some of his references and Paul Graham’s essays I’ve ended up in a rabbit hole I’m quite enjoying.
Weird computation, mostly centred around the LISP family of programming languages.

What is lisp?

Lisp stands for LISt Processing, and refers to a large family of languages, also called dialects. It’s particularly special for a number of reasons and I think you might want to do a little bit of reading to find out exactly why for yourself!
I’m revising for some upcoming exams, so I’m not particularly in a place to write much about it yet, but in my off times I’m reading about using it for AI, and I hope to apply it to one of my exam topics.

Anyway, I’ve spent most of my time mulling over all the great info in those links recently. Happy lockdown!

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